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Thanks for visiting the personal site of Jeremy Kendall, web developer and entrepreneur. I hate sites that are “Under Construction” and have always felt that you should build content and flesh out your project in a development environment before going live. Yeah, well, I guess this makes me both the cobbler and the cobbler’s shoeless kid.

I’m a PHP / MySQL developer primarily. I’m working on my Java chops as we speak. My day job is a junior development position, I’m working on building a freelance development business into a second, viable stream of income, and I’m an Original Limu distributor as well. Find out more about Original Limu here.

2008 got here well before I was ready for it, and the new year finds me as busy as I’ve ever been with multiple new projects. What you’re seeing is a new CMS running on the home page, and me with no time to dig in and learn it. This is going to be a fun project, but as it’s a personal project, it will be catch as catch can until I get a few hours to spend reading some Drupal for n00bs stuff.

In the meantime I have some exciting Zend Framework projects in the works with a couple more on the way. I’m working on my first Java project at the day job, which is exciting but leaves my brain a pile of mush by the end of the work day. As soon as I deliver those projects there will be more time for my personal projects. I think this is what they call “job security.”