Zend Studio for Eclipse Leap Year FTP Bug

I found a bug in Zend Studio for Eclipse the other day. I created a new QA subdomain for one of my web project. When I tried to view the new directory in Zend Studio for Eclipse, it wouldn’t show up. Nothing that I did in Zend Studio would make it show up.

It drove me nuts until I found a clue in this discussion on the Zend Forums. Zend Forum member adlorenz posted the clue, saying

… it seems like bug concerns only files/directories that have leap day date of last modification

Turns out that any directory or file created or last modified on Feb 29 of this year won’t show up in FTP Remote Systems connections in Zend Studio for Eclipse. I logged into my account, touched the directories and files that were dated Feb 29 ($ touch dirname), and I could finally see the directories and files in the Remote Systems Explorer.