Memphis PHP #3 - Presentation Slides and Example Code Included

We had a great time last night at Memphis PHP.  The turnout was great, it was fun meeting new folks and seeing old friends, and the conversations before and after the meeting were worth the drive to East Memphis.

I had a blast presenting “A Brief Introduction to Zend_Form.”  I love presenting, especially when the audience gets into the act, asking tons of good questions and laughing at my horrible jokes.  Thanks to all who showed up and for making Memphis PHP and last night’s event such a great success.

Slides and Example Code

As promised, I’ve posted “A Brief Introduction to Zend_Form” at SlideShare.  Included below are links to the example code on pastebin.

The best way to run the MVC example is to whip up a Zend Framework project and drop Example.php into /application/forms.  If you’re unfamiliar with how to get a Zend Framework project up and running, please see “From Zero to Zend Framework Project in 10 Minutes.”

Thanks to our Sponsors

Many thanks to Dave Barger of LunaWeb for kindly allowing us to use the LunaWeb offices for our meeting place, providing food, soda, and even beer.  Yup.  Free beer.  Not bad for our third event, eh?

Dave shared some information last night about his company, LunaWeb, some upcoming events, and some of their current and upcoming projects.  Here’s a list of the links that he referred to.

For your radars:

Big thanks to G2 Technology for helping us spread the word about Memphis PHP.  They work hard every month to promote our events, and I’m grateful to them for all they do.

Join Us

If you’re local to the Memphis area, visiting Memphis, or close enough to drive in, and you’re not a member of Memphis PHP, we’d love to have you join us.  Head over to and join the group.  You’ll get announcements from the group, info about meetings, and be able to RSVP for events.  I look forward to meeting you at our next event.