Nashville, I Hardly Knew Ye


  • My wife Megan and I are moving back to Memphis, TN
  • All of our family is there
  • The pregnancy has been tough, we’d like to raise our son around family
  • I’m leaving Nashville, but I’ll still be working for OpenSky
  • I’ll miss you all terribly, but I’ll be back regularly

So Long, And Thanks For All The Awesome

I might as well get right to it, especially since I ruined the surprise above: Megan and I have decided to move back to Memphis. The decision to leave Nashville, especially after spending such a short time here, was a really difficult one, but I’m convinced this is the best decision for me and my family.

A Little Background

Megan and I are both Memphis natives. We’ve got deep roots in the “Bluff City”, and both of our families (excepting one of my brothers and his family) are still there. We moved to Nashville late last year after the incomparable Scott Gordon hooked me up with an awesome gig here in town.

In April of this year we found out we’d be having a baby! That was amazing, wonderful news, but the pregnancy has been difficult from day one. Recently, things got really, really scary. After a lot of discussion and soul searching, Megan and I decided the best decision for us and our new family would be moving home to be around the support, care, and help of our families.

I’m Leaving, But Only Mostly

So come mid- to late-October, when our current lease is up, we’re heading back to M-town. There is a huge Nashville-related silver lining, however. OpenSky is letting me move to Memphis while staying on staff with them! That means regular trips back to Nashville to work in the local office, get some face time with the team, and hang out with all my Nashville friends.

So Let’s Do Lunch

Nashville friends, we need to do lunch, pronto. Two months seems like a long time, but I’ll be driving that moving truck west on I-40 before we know it. I want to get together while it’s still relatively easy to do so. I’ve spent to little time with y'all as it is.


Leaving Nashville is sad, coming back to Memphis is going to be awesome. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my Memphis people, getting involved in the Memphis PHP and the #memtech communities again, reconnecting with Memphis Roller Derby, and being able to see the fam whenever.

Exciting Times Ahead

Things have been wild the past few years, and they’re about to get a lot more exciting. Change is tough, and I’m feeling the pressure, but I feel great about where I’m at, where Megan and I are at, and our future. I can’t wait to see what comes next.